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IRS says stimulus checks sent to accounts that were closed or are no longer active must by law be returned to the tax agency. You can find this information on the documents you received from the dealer when you purchased the vehicle. Certainly, you might have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive.
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For exact reason, people may have closed the accounts they used last year when the IRS distributed the first round of stimulus checks. If your registered value has nothing available now i expected refund reissue request your refund! Changed Banks Since the Last Stimulus Checks Were Distributed.
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However, the Income Tax Department will reprocess your income tax return. My salary component includes car petrol allowance and driver salary. Promptly mail affidavit back to the address included on the form. Contact the employer for a refund. PF amount was deducted as TDS. No tax is due if the corporation was dissolved before the transfer and the vehicle was transferred to a stockholder as a liquidating dividend.

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