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Respected sir, your website is a dictionary for Vastu knowledge.
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The north east direction is considered the most pious direction in a house.
Which side should Locker face? Even though buying Plots, grounds or lands are very good investments some of the basic factors about the Vastu compliance of them must be considered before making a decision. Decorate it according to vastu to locker direction according to.
This article will help you in learning some basic factors of Vastu design of Hall, Kitchen and Dining room of your dream house. You can also place it along the western wall but care must be taken lest it should lead to undesired extension of the west zone In a bedroom located in the northern side of the house the best location for the dressing table is in north-northwest NNW. Again after buying and other things in this room, along with entrance should not visible from this direction and can open.
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