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The Canadian School of Protocol and Etiquette offers individual and group consultation and programming through private coaching, group seminars, and online learning. After client needs assessment, we customize our content and tailor our programming for maximum results and success.

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Past Events

Ignite Your Vision, Mompreneurs

September 2015: Wendy is a keynote panelist at the Ignite Your Vision Women's Conference hosted by Mompreneurs, London.

Financial Fitness

September 2015: Wendy is a keynote speaker at the Financial Fitness Forum. You’ll learn important trade secrets through the Success Through Civility approach – a powerful and life changing etiquette-based tool that underlies the behaviours that are shared in order to bring a sense of civility to any given situation.

Empower May, Mompreneurs

May 2015: Wendy Spoke to the enthusiastic audience of the Empower Series by London Mompreneurs with her talk titled Success Through Civility: Trade Secrets to an Unforgettable Personal Brand.